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Home of

Woburn Historical Society

7 Mishawum Road

PO Box 91

Woburn, MA  01801


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Mondays and Wednesdays

10 am to 2 pm


10 am to 12 pm

Bill and ​Joyce Cummings

The Society is extremely grateful to be a recipient of a Cummings Foundation Grant.

Thank you to these Woburn businesses for their generous support!


George's Auto Body

Lynch-Cantillon Funeral Home

J. Mul​kerin Realty

J. Sallese & Sons, Inc.


Kiwanis Club of Woburn

Lawton Real Estate, Inc.

Little Folks Day School


Ellen Baugh

Kevin J. Greeley

Andrew Libsett

McLaughlin-Dello Russo Funeral Service


Gallery ~ Old Homes of Woburn

Home of Allen T Hubbard

46 Mishawum Road

Home of 

Calvin Appleton Wyman

Wyman Street

c ?

Home of J R Carter

627 Main Street

c ?

Home of George C Conn

9 Cleveland Avenue

Home of 

William E Blodgett

14 Mishawum Road

Home of John K Murdock

604 Main Street

Home of Edmund Colman

71 Wyman Street

Summer view

Home of Edmund Colman

71 Wyman Street

Winter view

Home of Alvah Wiswall

291 Mishawum Road

Home of 

Franksford S Trull

629 Main Street

Home of William A Prior

602 Main Street

Home of William Beggs

620 Main Street

Home of Joseph Kelley

10 Church Street

Wyman House

694 Main Street

Mishawum House

Corner of Main Street and Mishawum Road

Bud Parker's Tavern moved to Kilby Street

Home of Benjamin Wyman

South Side of 

Wyman Street

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